Board of Trustees

Board Members

Kuntz, Kim
Bjornson, Alison
Doll, Cindy
Shair Dionne
Joeanne Fixel

 Library Board trustees are appointed by the Village of Hines Creek Council under the Alberta Libraries Act and are trustees on an autonomous board with full control and authority over library operations.

The Board is accountable to the Province of Alberta and the Village of Hines Creek for the provision of library services to the community. 

Library Board policies are those statements governing the operation and use of the Library that are approved by Board action. Certain policies are required under the Alberta Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation. Requests for policy development or review may come from the Board, the Library Manager, or the public.

For more information on the Library Board, please contact the Board Chair, Kim Kuntz at or the Library Manager, Stacey Obrigewitch at 780-494-3879 or